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I've had a lot of fun so far, but I'm stuck on the level with the big blue rectangle on the left and five red rectangles in a row on the right. I've tried going to the top of the blue section and swimming as fast as I can to the right, but I can't land in the next blue section.

EDIT: Ahhhh, now I've got it. I forgot you can jump in water.

Holy crap I was on that last level for an hour. I legit walked away from the computer and made a physical copy of the puzzle with paper, colored pencils, and craft foam (as colored tokens) that I could mess around with, and it did help me learn a rule I hadn't internalized. 10/10 would get frustrated enough to break out craft supplies again.

This is poggers!

Stuck on the first level, it appears that the red splash zone is off screen. Zooming in and out of the page does not help

Great game! I Guess this is my favorite! Very well thought